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When Should You Report A Car Accident?

Having a car accident is never a good time to experience. Even it doesn’t cause any injury property or serious property damage, accidents can put whatever you do on hold. As you have to do some certain things for records and report the situation to the police and your insurance, you will be spending a lot of time that wasn’t in your plans. 

If you are dealing with something urgent at the time you have an accident, you might want to delay some things you need to do regarding your accident. But it is important to report your accident in time. Or you may lose some rights or even be responsible for covering some damage that wasn’t your fault.


Determine if the accident requires to be reported

First of all, not all accidents require you to report them. Some times the damage is so small that you don’t feel any need to pursue a legal process about it. Such a small touch or surface or a simple bump can leave just some minor damage that can be easily fixed. 

In fact, these kinds of accidents would be better if you handle them without reporting to your insurance office. Because insurance companies may bill higher costs for fixes that would cost you much less if you get it fixed yourself. Also with each accident report, you insurence may increase your insurance fees. So may prefer avoiding unnecesary accident reports to your insurance company.

Of course, this is only possible if you didn’t get involved into an accident with other people, or their properties. Even if there was’t any other vehicle involved, you should report your accident if you might be held responsible about a damage in any level.

Fortunately, even if you determine that you should report an accident, you may have some time to handle other things before reporting it. But it is important to know how long you have before it is too late.


What Is The Latest Time You Can Report A Car Accident?

Honestly, although in most cases you don’t need worry about reporting a car accident right after it happened, you may not have much time too. 

In the cases there were other people, vehicles, or properties involved, almost all car insurance companies require you to report accidents within a day following the accidents. But if you think that your accident doesn’t fall into this category, you may have more time. Still, you should check your policy to be sure.