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Police Report For Car Accidents

Regardless of how minor a car accident is, detailing an accident to the police can set aside you cash and bother later on. Also, in numerous states, the law expects you to a report car accident to the police. You can at present decide not to contact your insurance organization, regardless of whether you make a police report. Here are a few hints for announcing an accident to police.


Don’t Wait To Call the the Police

The initial step after any car crash is to call 9-1-1. Regardless of whether there are no wounds or property harm that you know about, you’ll need an official to come and take a report. At the point when the police appear, they’ll direct a short examination and attempt to make sense of who caused the accident. Although in many states in the US, it is not mandatory to report the police in person, however it is better if you talk to them to tell about your perspective.


The police usually ask parties involved in the accident to provide particular documents and information details.

  • Personal ID details, as well as contact information.
  • Driver licence details.
  • Exact date and time of the accident.
  • Information about each vehicles in the accident.
  • Damage descriptions of each vehicle.
  • A crude drawing that represents the accident scene.
  • If anyone got injured, descriptions of the injuries.


Reporting The Car Accident Later

In smaller accidents, parties can report the accident by going to the police themselves after a while. You can gather all the necessary information at the accident scene. And visit the local police for filing the report.

Also, in some particular areas, the police often skip getting reports on the accident at the scene if there is no one injured. But you should try to get your accident recorded as soon as possible. So, again,  visiting the local police for filing the report can be helpful.

However, in many cases the driver who is undoubtedly caused the accident accepts the responsibility at the scene. But they refuse it when it comes to going to the police to report it.

So if the sides decide for reporting the accident later, you should gather some additional data on top of the ones we listed above. Most of these can be done by using your phone.

  • Make the individual, who accepts the fault for the accident, sign a statement, or at least record them making such a statement on a video.
  • Get many photos and videos of the accident scene and all the cars.
  • Record statements from witnesses in video or audio form.


Surveillance Cameras

Also, look around after the accident for surveillance cameras. In some cases, you may find some cameras looking at the scene. So you may ask the business owners or building managements for the records of the time window that includes the accident. These would make the best additions for your accident reports.


Get The Official Police Report

During the examination, the police usually do not offer much opportunity for your input. So, when their official report is ready, usually it would be after a week, you can get a copy of it. Although it may not be much useful in a legal process if the case goes to the court, these reports often used by insurance companies. So if you find any mistakes in this official report, be sure that you made it corrected for avoiding insurance problems.